These are a few weird things that your home insurance covers

These are a few weird things that your home insurance covers  21st July 2022

The terms and conditions of insurance policies might get a little confusing for an average person to understand. The technical language of the information presented can take some time to get acquainted with, which is why the insurance companies send their officials or agents to help you navigate the entire process and have digital services and chat assistants available for help 24*7. While the customers have an idea about what the home insurance usually provides coverage for and their intent of purchase, there are certain things they might be unaware of.

Do you have a complete idea of the type of coverage home insurance provides? What are some of the strangest things you might be able to secure under the insurance? If you have these questions, don’t worry. Following are a few weird things that your home insurance covers. Let’s discuss.

1. If a plane crashes:
Difficult to believe, right? The rarest of the rare cases is if a plane crashes into your house. But yes, your home insurance does cover the damages that might be caused due to a plane crashing into your house. Any objects falling from the sky which can potentially cause severe damage to your home are covered under your home insurance. Although, you need to make sure that you cross-check these details with your insurance provider.

2. Destructive riots:
Riots can take a destructive route when they rise to a huge scale. In such cases, sometimes the parties involved in the riots and those trying to control the outrage get into a defensive mode and cause mass destruction of properties. If there are any damages to your house during the riots, your home insurance provides coverage for that.

3. What if your pet bites someone:
Your home insurance might cover the cost of the treatment in case your pet bites someone within the perimeters of your house. Despite this, you might have to stay prepared if the person who got bit sues you, but you can stay assured of the coverage of those hospital bills.

4. Wild animals are also on this list:
This is for residents who usually have wild animals roaming around. Although humans and animals have become accustomed to their way around each other, you never know when the wild beings get agitated and, therefore, can trigger the possibility of a stampede.
In such situations, if there is any damage due to the stampede, your home insurance also provides coverage. But ensure to check the details carefully as some animals might be left out of this benefit (for example, rodents, possums, etc.).

5. Be careful about the parties you throw:
Some home insurances might cover the cost of damages caused during the parties organised in your house. Your insurance might cover these damages, but you might end up in trouble if someone gets injured. Check-in with your home insurance provider to ensure that the damages incurred during parties are covered under your policy.

Some other weird things covered under your home insurance include theft of cover identification, damage due to meteors, etc. And in the interest of protecting your home and your family against damages incurred due to unfortunate circumstances, you must get the best home insurance policy in India. Your home is not just a space where you live; it carries an important place in your life.

It is a place you return to after a long day at work, comforts you during the sad times, houses the best memories, and provides your family a safe zone where they can stay and create their own lives. Therefore, you must get the best home insurance policy that caters to your needs in the best ways possible.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.