These steps can help you ride your motorcycle comfortably in the snow

These steps can help you ride your motorcycle comfortably in the snow  21st December 2022

The cold weather in the winter is a welcome change in most parts of the country that usually experience blazing heat. While Central and Southern India witness pleasant climates with a slight nip in the air, the upper Northern part experiences snowfall. However, getting safely on the roads in vehicles is challenging due to the intense fog and constant snowfall.

Many people avoid driving, especially motorcycles, in snowy terrains. However, it is possible to safely ride on snow with the proper gear, technique, and tips. While following these steps can better prepare you to handle the terrain and climate, taking precautionary methods is the first step you cannot skip at any cost.

Ensure that you have active bike insurance, or renew your bike insurance online to get the best quotes and compare policies from the comfort of your home. Now that we've set the base, here are some steps you must follow to guarantee a comfortable motorcycle ride in the snow.

1. Get your riding gear right:
Not having the essential requisites gear can invite discomfort and troubles for the rider. After taking the necessary steps to buy or renew your bike insurance online, check your riding equipment. While a helmet is all that is mandated in different climates, you need to be prepped for enduring the harsh cold.
Ensure that you wear adequate layers of well-fitted insulating barriers. The outermost layer should be water-resistant but breathable. Gloves and ridged boots are other necessities during the winter.

2. Prep your motorcycle:
A quick wipe-down may be sufficient in other conditions, but you need to snow-proof your vehicle. Switch to all-weather tyres to ensure better grip, and check your bike's mechanics before each ride. This will expose any issues beforehand and prevent accidents on slippery roads. Anti-fog visors are an example of winter-centric riding essentials that can help manoeuvre over the snow.

3. Stay seated at all times:
Bike stunts can be risky at all times, so it is best to avoid them in uncertain conditions like snow. Follow basic protocol and do not overload the bike to maintain proper balance, and be able to take charge of the situation if the motorcycle begins to slip and slide.

4. Focus on posture:
Relaxed posture is key to maintaining balance even in normal conditions, but even more in snow. Ensure that your shoulders are pushed back and loose while keeping your elbows steady instead of holding them at a 90-degree angle. This has a direct impact on the control over the bike.

5. Pay attention to the road ahead:
While this may seem obvious, it is challenging to take a call when all that's ahead of you is snow. If it is snow with evident traces of a road underneath, ride straight forward. The snow will compress underneath the tyre and fill the grooves.
If there are some tracks in the snow, it may be best to ride on the untrodden path instead of exploring new trails. If you encounter wide tyre tracks that have left the snow in a slush, riding on the slush may be your best bet, as your bike's tyres will touch the road, providing grip. However, if you see signs of ice underneath, steer clear.

While these tips can help you keep your bike upright in the snow and reduce the risk of accidents, it is best to seek shelter in case of heavy snowfall. Ensure that you drive slowly and make decisions ahead of time, as it takes longer to break in the snow. Don't forget to purchase or renew bike insurance online that covers any accidental damages to your bike due to the adverse impact of the snow.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.