Tips to maintain your energy levels during quarantine

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Tips to maintain your energy levels during quarantine  26th June 2021

Your lifestyle choices often determine whether you will lead a healthy life or not. The food you eat and the physical activity you do is directly correlated to your overall health. If you are physically active and keep a check on what you eat, then there is a good probability of you being healthy even in later stages of life. A sedentary lifestyle only increases the risk of chronic diseases.

The rise of COVID-19 infection has forced everyone to stay indoors. It was assumed that doing any physical activity won’t be possible anymore. Yet, the fitness geeks have found ways to work out when quarantining from home as well, leading the path for others to follow.

While quarantining from home, these fitness enthusiasts are following the below tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeping themselves physically and mentally active:

● Exercise and eat well –

Regular exercising helps in remaining physically healthy, improves mental health and reduces anxiety levels. Initially, you might feel rusty, but exercising regularly will boost your energy levels. You can dance, do yoga, or just play with your children to lift your spirits. Staying at home can make you eat unhealthy and fatty foods, which can decrease energy levels. Avoid sugary and salty foods to stay energetic throughout the day. Stay hydrated, drink a lot of fluids, and at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Consume foods that provide protein, carbohydrates, and fiber, such as green vegetables, fruits, red meat, etc.

● Have an appropriate sleep pattern –

It is important to reduce anxiety to have better sleep. Try to go to bed at night and get up in the morning at the same time daily, irrespective of the quality of sleep. Avoid eating late, or consume alcohol or caffeine at night. The restorative rapid eye movement (REM) time reduction makes you feel rested even being awake. The sleep quality might get impacted with the use of phone, laptop, or TV before sleeping. Try things that keep you calm, such as reading, walking, etc., before going to bed, to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

● Have a routine –

Without a set schedule, one might feel tired and unenthusiastic. It’s important to have time for meals, sleep, work, and relax. Prioritizing such things will help in keeping anxiety in check. Take breaks at regular intervals to stay energized in case of working from home. Ensure there is time off from work, so you can get some me-time as well.

● Think positive –

Having a compassionate mindset helps in conserving energy. Practicing this kind of thinking is known as ‘kind attention’. Be empathetic towards your colleagues or family members, and understand the challenges they are facing while working from home. Supporting your spouse in daily chores will reduce their workload and strengthen your bond. This kind of positive attitude will keep your spirits high, and increase your focus and energy levels.

● Stand up while working –

Whenever possible, take a break from work to stand up to reduce your sedentary time. With the availability of ergonomic furniture, use a standing desk such as a high table or stack a pile of books, or other materials to work while standing. While standing, indulge yourself in reading, and playing board games and puzzles, to refresh your mind.

COVID-19 has made it difficult for people to have a positive outlook while being stuck at home. But with a healthy lifestyle of exercising at home, eating homemade food, and bonding with family can help to survive in these tough times. As nutrition is vital for physical, mental, and social well-being; so is

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