Travelling solo in the car? Here are eleven safety tips for long distance driving

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Travelling solo in the car? Here are eleven safety tips for long distance driving  23rd September 2022

Nothing beats the peaceful enjoyment of a long solo drive. With the weather being nice and pleasing, it is the perfect time to plan a solo car trip to detox from the busy lifestyle and the city hustle.

But with the fun aspects of solo trips, it is also true that solo travelling is somewhat unsafe since you are going long distances all by yourself. It is crucial to acknowledge the perks of car insurance India can be beneficial during emergencies.

So, to make your travelling experience more enjoyable, here we have eleven safety tips for long-distance driving.

1. Remember to take frequent breaks:
A long drive can be entertaining but also exhausting. So, remember to take breaks from driving, get out of the car, stretch out your muscles, have quick snacks, and hydrate yourself.

2. Be careful with your luggage and cash:
When you're on a solo trip, you are basically on your own with the security of your belongings and valuables. Make sure you lock your car when you move out for a refreshing walk.

3. Interact with the local people:
Local people are the best way to know more about the place you are travelling to. Be kind and interact with the locals so they can help you have a safe journey while making your trip more memorable.

4. Have good knowledge of the policy of car insurance India:
Danger never comes with warnings. So always ensure that you cover your car under a legal insurance policy.

5. Be safe with your routes, but don't be afraid to explore:
When you're on a solo trip by car, you always have to be extra careful with the route you're taking for your adventure. While it is necessary to remain safe, don't be afraid to explore the local attractions of the places you travel and enjoy their authenticity.

6. Prepare yourself for anything unfortunate:
While travelling solo, you should always be prepared for the worst. Always carry pepper spray and/or a safety knife with you. Cases of solo travellers being attacked are common, especially in isolated places. Try staying in places where the network is working, so you can always contact the emergency services if you need to.

7. Educate yourself with the basic knowledge of the regional language:
If your destination has a predominant language, it is best to learn some basic phrases in their language so the local people can help you out in case you need them. Simple phrases like greetings, help requests, etc., should be in your vocabulary for a safe travelling experience.

8. Don't blindly trust strangers:
The age-old advice of not trusting strangers is a legitimate one. You can never predict people's true intentions, so while it is good to be nice in general, don't trust everyone you meet on your trip.

9. Don't eat or drink from unverified sources:
Being on a solo trip to foreign destinations will require you to be properly informed and careful with everything the place offers. So, for the sake of your safety, do not eat or drink from places that seem suspicious or unhygienic.

10. Follow a modest dress code:
While it may not be an issue in some places, it is always important to dress modestly if you plan to go on a solo trip somewhere unknown.

11. Have your entertainment sources with you:
While solo car travelling adventures are always fun, things can quickly get boring. So have a playlist of your favourite music to groove and enjoy your trip even more. Books and magazines are also a great way to entertain yourself during breaks.

We hope your solo travelling adventure is refreshing, entertaining, and safe. Prepare a quick checklist and note down all the crucial tasks to make your trip convenient. Start with taking your car for servicing. Pack light, do not stuff your bag with unnecessary things, and most importantly, carry a first-aid kit. Have all the required documents like driving licence, PUC, car insurance India, etc., handy with you. Keep these tips in mind for a better experience, and lastly, have a safe journey!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.