Try out these five adventure sports to energise employees and team building

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Try out these five adventure sports to energise employees and team building  25th September 2022

Do you often hear your employees nagging about how team-building activities are childish? Then, it's high time to drop the regular events and gear up for jaw-dropping adventures.

The whole point behind organising these events is to make the team creative and shed light on aspects like leadership, etc. This is the best way to energise the team and find great leaders. The more stress-free the environment is, the more productive the employee will be.

Often, excruciating projects affect the creative perspective of the team. Engaging in sports will cultivate mindfulness and creativity. Stay tuned till the end, and strike down boring ping-pong tables, regular parties, hackathons, etc., because we've got something interesting!

Still not convinced? Take a look at this blog; we will cover some of the mind wrecking adventures.

1. River rafting adventure:
For an exhilarating day, river rafting is highly advised. Water games always tend to be an ideal release of stress. The interpersonal relationships make the river rafting adventure fun and leave memories that last forever. This helps to build trust among the group where all team members in the raft paddle in coordination and motivate each other to put in their best efforts.

2. Paintball army:
Adventure sports are the thrills most people want to taste once in their lifetime. And this is the one that brings out the adventure seeker and the curious kid in everyone. All you need to do is make separate army troops and establish a real-life war zone.
And before you know it, you can build a strategic thinking and warrior mindset. The very fabric of teamwork is what makes the team win over here. Get ready to take charge of the paintballs, hunt down your targets, and spend a thrilling day enjoying yourself.

3. Get the adrenaline pump:
Would you drop down the chance if allowed to go on a group cycling in difficult terrain? Sounds exciting, isn't it? Rock climbing, paragliding, trekking, and many others are hands down amazing mental and physical puzzles. This develops the risk-taking mindset and gives employees a much-needed break from their work routine. Pick spots that offer these adventure sports and plan a day out to savour nature's unparalleled beauty along with the intensity of heart-throbbing adventures.

4. Turf tournaments:
Every person brings a different competitive edge to the table. As an employer, you need to set a perfect environment without fear of failure. Nothing other than a game of soccer or cricket can manage to build teamwork. Suppose you have 30 employees; you can create 5 to 6 teams and play an internal tournament on turf pitches. Everyone will strive to bring home victory by focusing on one common goal by keeping sportsmanship as their priority. In this process, they will realise their strengths and build a mindset of understanding each other. So, naturally, instead of performing well individually, they will accomplish tasks working together

5. Escape room:
Here's the last one on the list. While it may not be an outdoor game, it's hands down the best pick to escape real-world problems. Picture this: Getting tossed into a room with challenges sounds exciting. And remember, all of this while the clock ticks off. When this is done with the entire team, it enhances collaborative leadership and strategic thinking.

These adventures are not just a medium of entertainment but also a useful resource to energise the employees and encourage them to perform tasks in unity. Rewarding your employees with such exciting breaks once in a while makes them feel valued and allows them to indulge in less mundane and more enthusiastic activities.

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