Understand these tips if planning to send your cargo overseas  22nd November 2022

With globalisation, the world has become a closely-knit village. It isn't easy to imagine a life without an international supply of goods and services that provide both convenience and luxury. However, while the flow of capital and ideas has been facilitated with the ease of internet transmission, transporting goods and services continues to take time and money.

With the expansion of international trade and travel, there is great emphasis on transporting goods most cost-effectively in the least amount of time. In such a backdrop, freight companies have seen an increased demand for overseas cargo shipments. They pay great care to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely by taking adequate measures to minimise risks.

On an individual level, you can ensure that the cargo is protected against any incidental damages by following the tips given below.

1. Proper packaging:
For an international shipment, the most significant issue is the risk of damage while in transit. It is best to take preventive methods while packing the goods instead of blaming the freight company after the loss has been faced. It is essential to choose the right packing supplies and ensure they are securely packed.
Also, consider the handling of the cargo while packing. Since it is known that goods are stacked on top of one another and moved using transporting vehicles like forklifts, ensure that your packaging is resistant to rough handling and is stackable. Keeping these in mind will ensure that your goods remain safe and your packages are easy to deliver.

2. Attention to fragile items:
No matter how much emphasis is placed on fragile items, it is inevitable to discover minimal damage to such delicate goods. While there is no way to eliminate the risk, proper packaging can minimise such losses.
Ensure that the package indicates the delicateness of items inside so that it is handled with care and cushion using adequate protective supplies. Consider purchasing insurance for fragile items offered by freight companies, similar to buying a fire or marine insurance India.

3. Internal cushioning:
It is known that freight companies transport large volumes of cargo daily. With such large numbers, it is difficult to ensure that each package is transported without damage. Therefore, customers should take preventive measures at the packing stage to minimise damages by providing adequate internal cushioning to the goods using bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and extra supplies to ensure the structural safety of the package.

4. Weight limitations:
Transportation charges are based on the weight of your cargo. Ensure you are not penalised by weighing your packages appropriately while filling out documents. A wooden crate may add to the weight of your parcel and increase shipping charges, but it ensures that your goods reach their destination securely.

5. Customs and Duties:
Each country has its own set of rules regarding imports. Ensure that your cargo fulfils the criteria of the destination country, the necessary documentation is filed in the proper order, and prescribed fees are paid.

6. Mode of transportation:
Factor in the cargo's nature, fragility, perishability, and delivery due date before selecting a suitable mode of transport for the goods to be delivered. For example, shipping by sea, although takes longer but is a cheaper option. By considering such factors, it is necessary to determine the best route of transport.

7. Proper insurance:
Since your cargo is set to travel long distances in uncertain conditions, it is best to purchase an insurance policy for your shipment to prevent shouldering any loss of goods in transit. Irrespective of the mode of transport, several policies like air cargo insurance and marine insurance India can minimise such losses.

International transport of goods has become an inevitable part of the modern supply chain. While freight companies are considered risky, however, with mechanisms like marine insurance India, you can share such risk with the insurer and safeguard your finances. Keep the above tips in mind, purchase the right insurance, and get ready to send your cargo overseas.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.