Visit these most challenging biking destinations of India

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Visit these most challenging biking destinations of India  28th March 2022


A famous saying amongst bikers goes, "A bad day on a bike always beats a good day in the office." Whoever said that was surely familiar with the thrill and adventure of biking through treacherous roads and the satisfaction of conquering them. For bike lovers, nothing beats the anticipation and excitement of exploring new and challenging terrains.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular biking routes in India.

1. Chandigarh-Manali-Leh:
This route is known as one of the most challenging biking routes in the world. The Chandigarh-Manali-Leh route is filled with picturesque views and difficult terrains. The road to Leh makes riders work hard for every kilometre. Extreme altitude and motion sickness will test your endurance and willpower. But the gift of the clear blue skies and the magnificent roads ahead make the struggle totally worth it.

2. Shimla-Spiti Valley:
This beautiful stretch of 430 kms is a mix of rugged tracks and broken roads, making it extremely difficult to travel. The roads are comparatively narrow, making the commute all the more challenging. It is extremely difficult for bikers to manoeuvre uneven terrains filled with rocks and gravel. However, the beautiful apple orchards, impeccable valley views, and peaceful monasteries are just a few of the many rewards you will find on the way.

3. Siliguri-Yuksom:
A relatively smaller commute, this unconventional route is often discussed among travellers for its under-maintained roads and uneven terrains. Adding to that are the many waterfalls that make it all the more difficult for bikers to navigate. What makes this journey remarkable is the unparalleled beauty of the landscape. The view of the mighty Himalayas is sure to give you the much-needed motivation while traversing through these roads.

4. Bomdila to Tawang:
Riding through the lush green hills, flowing rivers, and snow-capped mountains make it difficult to focus on the road. What makes it challenging is the extreme inclination of the hill. And the constant fog leaves the roads moist and can be dangerous to the riders. The upward climb is about 170 kms long and scales an altitude of about 4000 metres above sea level.

5. Guwahati-Khasi Hills:
The road between Guwahati and Khasi promises stunning views of lush green forests and red sand. On the way, you will come across beautiful waterfalls and living root bridges that are sure to be a memory you will cherish. The damp weather makes the road slippery and wet, and manoeuvring the sharp turns is crucial to steer safely through the hills.

These are some of the routes that promise a challenging bike trip with an excellent reward. Before setting out on your next trip to these places, don't forget to get your bike serviced. Riding through challenging roads can put extra load on your vehicle and cause extreme wear and tear. A thorough bike check-up before and after the trip can prove beneficial in the long run. Another tip to follow is to keep a checklist of all things needed for the journey, such as fuel, food, first aid, emergency lights etc.

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