What are the customers expecting from the two-wheelers this year

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What are the customers expecting from the two-wheelers this year  08th August 2022

Two-wheelers have been around for decades now. Once considered a symbol of status and background, now two-wheelers are vehicles of convenience. They help you run your daily errands, commute to work and other work locations, go for long drives, and several other purposes. Every year, different two-wheeler manufacturing companies release new models and versions of previous models with improvised features.

They conduct a market survey and analyse customers' demands who have been using two-wheelers for a long time. With the advancement in technology, different features and systems have been included in the two-wheelers to make them more efficient, fuel-saving, stylish, practical, and convenient.

Customers invest a lot of time and get influenced by several factors when determining which two-wheeler they want to purchase. Everyone wants to buy a trendy two-wheeler with multiple features that help make it more convenient, efficient, and within their budget. But how do you differentiate the demands of customers every year? What factors influence the needs of two-wheeler users and potential consumers? This blog will discuss the answers to all the above questions.

1. Improvised anti-lock braking system:
An anti-lock braking system is a modern technology development curated for two-wheelers for safety purposes. The ABS helps in monitoring the rotation of the wheels of the bike.
An efficient anti-lock braking system helps the tyres stay in contact with the surface whenever the two-wheeler rider uses the brakes. This helps avoid wheel skidding, spinning, or unrestricted slipping accidents. The entire purpose, as explained, is why this system is called an anti-lock braking system.

2. Tyres with excellent performance:
We cannot stress how much tyres can help to increase the bike's efficiency and performance. They are considered one of the essential mechanical parts after the engine of the vehicle. The engine's power is channelled into execution by the tyres, which happens in fractions of a second.
This high and fast execution level is why high-performance tyres are needed in a two-wheeler. And the modern vehicles are launched with superior quality tyres, thus enhancing the appeal and helping with improved grip and traction capabilities.

3. The body of the two-wheeler:
Vehicles with improved fuel injection systems also require bodywork that can be sensible aerodynamically. Lightweight materials are used to achieve an aerodynamic shape of the two-wheeler, which ensures a smooth riding experience while keeping the safety quotient intact.
The air resistance reduction capabilities of the aerodynamic structure of the vehicles have smoothened the entire riding affair in the new models.

Other features the customers look forward to are improved quality and framework of chassis and suspension, enhanced fuel efficiency, engines with liquid cooling capacity, traction control systems, slipper clutches, and several others.

We hope that this blog catered to a lot of questions you had about the consumer demands and how different features help improve the bike's quality and can prove to be the differentiators in buying a particular two-wheeler. And in the interest of learning about two-wheelers, you must also understand the importance of protecting your vehicle if you land in chaotic situations. Accidents never warn you before they occur.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.