What are the useful ways to deal with leakages at home

What are the useful ways to deal with leakages at home  19th July 2022

It is highly inconvenient to face water leakage in the home, be it a major one like a burst pipe or a steady drip from the tap. If not controlled in time, water leakage is expensive damage to deal with at home. It can waste gallons of water, but the maximum damage occurs if water seeps into the ceiling and destroys the walls and the paint job.

Our homes even face significant damage due to water leakage during monsoon. Heavy rainfall leads to leakages that get frustrating over time. This blog provides practical ways to deal with such leakages at home before calling an expert.

How to prevent a water leak:

Prevention is always better than cure. A few annual regular check-ups can prevent the hole in your pocket. Keeping this in mind, here are a few ways to check-up on your water pipes and supply to avoid massive repair work.

1. Keep your spidey senses on and feel around your home for areas with moisture or mould that might leak the plumbing. Inspect the most vulnerable parts of your home, including the roof and the walls, to check for any dampness.

2. The pipes exposed to the elements should be adequately insulated to prevent their material from eroding. Insulating material comes cheap, so this method is highly cost-effective.

3. A stopcock can stem the flow of the water supply around the house. Make sure to know the exact location of your stopcock to prevent flooding in the house due to a sudden burst pipe.

4. Install a water leak detection device at home.

Know how you can detect a leak:

To fix a water leak, you need to accept and inspect that it’s happening. The easiest way to check up on your plumbing is to check your water usage. If it has significantly increased, there might be a probability of a water leak. If this method seems too unsure for you, you can turn on the water supply without using water for an extended amount of time, say 02 to 03 hours and check if any water has been consumed. This is a sure sign that there is a leakage somewhere.

Ways to fix the water leak:

1. Turning off the water supply: The first step to prevent further damage to your home is to stop the water supply to the house and perform a thorough inspection.

2. Turning on the faucets to drain: If there is a significant leak in the house, the next best step is to drain all the water in the pipes and faucets. Start with the garden hose if you have one, and let the water run out.

3. Locate the problematic area: Go around the house checking for leakage, whether major or minor, and get it fixed.

4. Applying epoxy putty: Before this step, it is essential to wear latex gloves to protect your hands because hot epoxy putty can end up burning them. Epoxy putty is readily available in all hardware stores and can be a temporary fix to a leakage. Mound the epoxy putty well and apply a generous layer over the leaking pipe or tap.

Although epoxy putty is a helpful fix to many problems, it is ultimately beneficial if you can get a professional to fix this issue. If it’s a major plumbing problem, it might damage the ceiling or walls and can be extremely expensive to repair. Reliable house insurance India is always the best way to prevent these expenses from emptying your wallet. You cannot risk your belongings at the cost of water damage. Invest in the best house insurance and get advantages that will help you reap good returns on your investment.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.