What is the no-objection certificate for bikes, and how to apply for it

What is the no-objection certificate for bikes, and how to apply for it  30th November 2022

Suppose a bike owner plans to sell his bike or move with the bike to a new city. In this case, a NOC, or no objection certificate, is required to avoid legal issues.

A letter known as a NOC, or No Objection Certificate, must be issued to sell your bike. Even if you are relocating to a new city, a NOC must be given to register your bike in the new location. The NOC is also required if a sold bike is to be registered in the name of the new owner.

How is NOC applied for a bike?

You must, under government regulation, receive a NOC from the RTO to validate your deregistration from that RTO. Without further ado, let's discuss the process for requesting a NOC certificate for a bike.

Here is a step-by-step instruction sheet for requesting a NOC for a bike when crossing state boundaries and intending to stay there for more than a year:

● To obtain a NOC, prepare an application and send it to the transport bureau in your area

● Fill up Forms 27 and 28 correctly, then submit them to the RTO

● If your vehicle was purchased using a loan or EMIs, get a NOC from the lender

You can expedite the procedure by obtaining NOC from the traffic department and your local police station in addition to following these steps.

You must submit an application letter explaining your relocation plans and supporting documentation to your financier or bank to get their no-objection certificate (NOC). These could be an appointment letter, a job transfer letter, housing documentation for the new location, etc.

What factors are to be considered while applying NOC for a bike?

For a hassle-free process, consider the following aspects before you apply for the NOC for your bike:

● Authenticate the copies of the insurance policy and registration document for the bike

● Verify that the road tax is fully paid

● Ensure all of your information is accurate, especially the information in the application, along with the updated address

● Submit all corroborating documentation

● Make sure you have the confirmation of payment for the NOC application cost received through the Vahan Citizen Services website

Documents required to get NOC for a bike.

The following list of documents must be sent to the RTO to obtain bike re-registration or transfer bike ownership:

● Motorcycle registration certificate

● Form 28

● Bike insurance copy

● Road tax receipt

● Certification for pollution control (PUC)

● Numbers for your bike's engine and chassis

● Signature recognition

The following documents are required if you want to obtain a NOC from the bank:

● The loan documents

● Bike registration document

● Other documents that the bank may request

The NOC is, therefore, a legally required document that must be obtained for various reasons when dealing with bikes. Along with the NOC, don't forget to buy bike insurance online to safeguard your valuable asset when you move to another state. Buying a robust insurance policy online will help you enjoy several features and financial benefits that can aid you in recovering from loss due to damages.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.