Would your corporate health insurance suffice? Not amid layoffs

Would your corporate health insurance suffice? Not amid layoffs  8th February 2023

In the aftermath of a global pandemic and rising economic uncertainties, a job offers what matters most- financial stability and social security. It may also provide perks like allowances for specific purposes like children's education, medical expenses, relocation, etc., and perquisites like a company car, accommodation, etc.

A primary add-on facility is corporate health insurance for employees. While it may cover medical emergencies and allied expenses during employment, does it satisfy the need for additional health insurance? Experts suggest that, employed or not, each individual should buy health insurance to reduce the financial burden of medical expenses.

If you have a corporate insurance policy and need more clarification about needing a separate cover, read on to learn about the risk you face.

What is corporate health insurance?

Also known as group health insurance, the company takes the initiative to buy health insurance for all its employees during their tenure with the company. It covers medical costs arising from accidents, medical conditions, surgeries, etc. While the policy coverage is vast, it also extends to the dependents of the employees- creating an illusion of comprehensive coverage.

Not only does it benefit employees as an additional security against contingencies, but it also doubles as an attractive perk from the employer that makes the job offer appear comprehensive, leading to a satisfied workforce and resulting in greater productivity. The Indian Income Tax laws also allow claiming a deduction for the premium payment, sweetening the deal for both parties involved in case of a co-payment arrangement.

Concerns about corporate health insurance:

While the policy is undoubtedly beneficial for employees, it is not a substitute for individual health insurance.

1. Term period:
Corporate health insurance is purchased in bulk to cover all employees of the organisation. An employee is only protected until his employment tenure continues. Considering the volatile economic conditions and the talks of an incoming recession, more layoffs seem inevitable in the near future, making it essential to buy more health insurance at the earliest.

2. Standard coverage:
While corporate health insurance covers a broad scope of issues that may lead to medical expenses, you cannot customise the policy to fit your and your dependents' needs. The company makes decisions on the technicalities, including insured sum, number of dependents, etc., leaving employees at greater health risk with no option but to buy online health insurance individually to cover specific concerns. Even if you do not need a custom cover, we highly recommend purchasing an individual policy.

3. No direct benefit to the employee:
If you buy online health insurance and don't raise a claim during its active period, you can avail of a no-claim bonus, a reward that offers up to 50% discount while renewing the policy. The same does not apply to corporate health insurance.

4. Cumbersome claim raising:
When looking for online health insurance, comparing alternative insurers and purchasing a comprehensive plan from a company offering a seamless claim-raising experience is essential. Since the technicalities are outside your hands, you may have to deal with long wait periods and inefficient claim-settling mechanisms before reaching a fruitful settlement.

5. Undependable state of personal finances:
Health insurance makes for an integral part of budgets and financial planning. Choosing to rely solely on the insurance provided by your employer is a risky move that can affect your financial stability.

6. Lack of tax deduction:
Unless the premium has been paid under a co-payment agreement between the employer and employee, the employee cannot claim a tax deduction. The employer, however, continues to have the option of claiming the expense as a business expenditure that can be claimed as a deduction while calculating the profits of the business.

While group health insurance offers comprehensive coverage, it does not substitute the need to buy online health insurance. We strongly urge you to purchase separate health insurance, not just for tax-saving purposes but to ensure your financial security and protect your health under comprehensive coverage.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.