Your newborn: Best tips to babyproof your home

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Your newborn: Best tips to babyproof your home  15th February 2021


For soon-to-be parents, a lot of significant changes seem to be right around the corner. Parents spend the months of the pregnancy expecting the baby and several lifestyle changes. While buying all the necessary items like baby clothes, diapers, and cribs is essential, making sure your home environment is safe for the baby is just as important.

First-time parents might look around their home and feel confused about what modifications to make to protect their baby. They might even question the need for it. However, as overwhelming as the responsibilities of a newborn can be, it is integral that parents appropriately baby-proof their homes.

Even though experts claim that your toddler will likely get a few bumps and bruises with every alteration you make to your home, parents still must childproof their home. Since knowing where to begin the process can be baffling, here are some simple tips to follow!

1. Be aware of heavy objects:
Children start crawling, walking, and running in no time. As they grow older, they will begin pulling and pushing things around. This is when heavy objects can become an issue. Whether it’s heavy showpieces or furniture, if the toddler pulls or tugs on them, they may cause an injury. So, make sure to keep the glassware or delicate pieces away and keep the heavy objects out of the baby’s reach.

2. Secure electric plug points:
Toddlers around the 15-17 months age range quickly become fascinated with sticking their fingers or other things in any place they might fit. Most of the time, they turn out to be electric sockets. Parents must be aware of this habit and how dangerous electric points can be.
Use tight-fitting electrical outlet covers to ensure that the baby cannot stick their tiny fingers or jam pens, pencils, or toys into the electric points. You must also confirm not to leave lamps or other appliances with their current on if they are within the baby’s reach.

3. Keep the dangerous home supplies out of reach:
Cleaning and other home supplies contain plenty of harmful chemicals in them. Once kids are allowed to consume food and liquids, they may start to put random items into their mouths.
Small objects are a choking hazard, and it is essential to keep them out of reach. House supplies like cleaning agents and liquids need to be stored at a height or locked in a cupboard so that the child does not have access to it.

4. Place door and window stoppers:
Appliances and furniture have doors that can easily open. Once the child can reach them, installing stoppers to these doors and windows is crucial to prevent them from hurting themselves. Suppose you’ve invested in reliable home insurance India plan; you can add these necessary babyproofing objects to your house.

5. Do away with the mats and tablecloths:
Children have a habit of running around the house. They may accidentally slip on mats and rugs placed in various corners of the home. Tablecloths that hang low are easily accessible to the kids who can pull on them along with all the items placed on them. This can not only hurt and injure them but also damage household items.

To conclude, these tips can give you an excellent start to babyproofing your house to protect your child. With all the wear and tear your home undergoes, babyproofing can be stress-free if you have the right home insurance to rely on. Your ideal home insurance can even cover you for unexpected losses or damages or provide compensation in case of mishaps like theft, fire, earthquake, and natural calamities, etc.

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